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The Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo conducts educational, healthcare, scientific and research activities, in the space located in Žarka Zrenjanina 179, Pančevo, where the Faculty utilizes an adequately furnished area of 1.850 square meters. The Faculty has five fully equipped clinical rooms at its disposal, a surgery room, an x-ray cabinet, prosthetics laboratory, two rooms for practice and a classroom with computers, two lecture halls and other areas intended to accommodate student service centres, libraries, a deanery, a secretary, space for personnel and other. Lecture halls, practice rooms and operating rooms are furnished with state-of-the-art equipment necessary for delivering any type of high-quality lectures for all study programmes.

Stomatološka oprema

In addition, the Faculty has equipment inteded for science and research in the domain of clinical, basic and pre-clinical research at its disposal, that is currently conducted within the scope of approved projects from the programmes of Basic research (fields of Medicine and Biology), Technological development (field of Materials and chemical technologies) and Integrated interdisciplinary research (field of Biomedicine), which are financed by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development for the 2011 - 2014 period, as well as for the realization of international projects.

The equipment of the Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo intended for research work is neither concentrated on a single location, and neither found solely in the scope of a single laboratory, but is rather deployed in specifically adapted and adequate areas spanning across several laboratories, cabinets, halls and similar areas, and is solely intended for scientific, educational and healthcare practices. However, the main area inteded for science and research work is comprised of two laboratories – Laboratory for cell culture and molecular medicine and Laboratory for microbiology.

Stomatološka oprema

The procurement of the technologically up-to-date erbium laser (Er:YAG laser) has significantly contributed to the modernization and improvement of clincal performance at the Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo. Namely, it is a known fact that this type of laser is applied on hard dental tissue in the following cases: reparation of cavities left after removal of decomposing tissue, removal of composite fillings, sealing of fossae and fissures, decontamination of dental root canals, parodontopathy treatment and numerous oral surgery procedures. Also, this type of high-energy laser is successfully applied on soft oral tissues as well, in the cases of: gingivectomy, frenectomy, herpes labialis treatment and aphthous ulcerations, pulpectomy, removal of fibromas and other benign lumps on soft tissues.

The Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo has widened its scope of modern equipment with its 3D panoramic radiograph constructed by a renowned manufacturer Vatech. This device offers high-precision photography with reduced doses of emission along with numerous additional functions that keep pace with lastest technological developments.

Laboratory for prosthetics of the Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo posseses a machine for manual zirconia copy-milling. This state-of-the-art machine is used for manual production of zirconia crowns, inlays, onlays, suprastructures, facets, and all the way up to 16-element circular briges; it can be used for bar copy-milling and individual implant replacements.

Alongside clinical research, the Faculty of Stomatology in Pančevo conducts microbiological research, biochemical research and molecular analyses (PCR, ELISA, in situ hybridization, immunohistochemical research) of various cell and tissue samples, primarily of the craniofacial area. The Laboratory for cell culture and molecular medicine primarily conducts research on dental pulp mesenchymal stem cells and other types of mesenchymal stem cells, as well as the research of biocompatibility of new dental materials, while the Laboratory for microbiology conducts research on microorganisms in the oral cavity and the changes in bacterial flora under the influence of various pharmacological substances, including various herbal extracts.